Vocalist, composer, arranger and bandleader Brianna Thomas is proud to announce the October 2nd release of her sophomore album Everybody Knows produced by Grammy © Award Winner Brian Bacchus. Showcasing a uniquely soulful and captivating voice, Brianna Thomas presents a book of songs that encapsulates common human experiences and honors the universal truths that “everybody knows.” This collection of reimagined classics alongside some exquisite originals is brought to fruition by The Brianna Thomas Band, a group that embodies a dynamic and rich sound, influenced by the diverse backgrounds and regions each member comes from. This first rate band features the Peoria, Illinois native alongside pianist Conun Pappas (New Orleans, LA), guitarist Marvin Sewell (Chicago, IL), bassist Ryan Berg (Minneapolis, MN), percussionist Fernando Saci (San Paulo, Brazil) and drummer Kyle Poole (Los Angeles, CA). The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Steve Miller (who wrote the liner notes for this album) considers himself Brianna’s mentor. The soulful expression and masterful instrumentation exemplified by Brianna’s ensemble here, resembles that of her father’s band, with whom the vocalist first exhibited her blossoming talents at the tender age of six. The first single, “How Much Forgiveness”, is out now and can be heard here. 

Everybody Knows, 2020